Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt & Nut Cheeses

100% Vegan. Genuine, natural and healthy ingredients.

dairy free, gluten, soy and sugar free

100% Vegan

Our Artisan Probiotic Almond Milk Yogurt and Nut Cheeses are made from pure nuts and are completely dairy free, gluten, soy and sugar free.

Everything is hand made in small batches with careful attention taken to ensure quality. Only natural ingredients are used, resulting in products that are pure, healthy and delicious.

Under Rabbinic Supervision. Read more here.

Healthier Living

We aim to inspire people towards healthier living by providing a great-tasting alternative to dairy yogurt and cheese made from simple and authentic plant- based ingredients.

With every spoonful we eat we are making a statement. At Bikurim, we want that statement to be one of good health and great tasting food. Food that’s good for you, good for the environment and brings kindness to the world.

It tastes like yogurt, has a consistency of yogurt, has probiotics and is cultured like yogurt… It must be yogurt! Bikurim’s yogurt is non-dairy, made with only three ingredients: almonds, agave and probiotics. It is the most delicious, purest, healthiest plant-based yogurt you will find.

Bikurim – we want to be part of the solution

We are proud that we use only whole ingredients and don’t include additives or preservatives to our products. Their shelf life reflects what’s in them, pure food. They will not last for months in your refrigerator. This is a sign of real food, and that makes us happy!

What people say about our products


“The mild Feta is perfect, goes amazingly with salad.
Who could believe that vegan could taste so, so good!”

O. – Gush Etzion

“The Almond yogurt, wow, wow, wow! I can’t stop eating it.
Something new and a little different in my mouth, so light. Perfect!”

O. – Gush Etzion

“Love these products! I highly recommend Bikurim’s vegan non-dairy products.
Absolutely delicious, we have been ordering every week!”

J. - Jerusalem

“I hope you expand your products and grow and grow!”

E. - Gush Etzion

“The yogurt is perfect!
It has the taste of dairy yogurt, which is very surprising and something I never tasted in dairy substitutes”

K. - Jerusalem

“The Cheeses are amazing!”

H. - Binyamin

“I must say, everything is delicious on a totally different level!
I buy other cheese substitutes in stores but this is something really special.”

E. - Eli

“Thank you for the yogurt! It is fantastic”

R. - Jerusalem

“Everything was delicious, the almond yogurt and the parmesan wow! I want to order more of everything.
We love it but are already finished. It was so delicious, my husband my daughter everyone loves it.”

J. - Gush Etzion
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