Why We Do What We Do

When we started Bikurim it was much more than being just about food and filling the void of natural plant based products on the market. Yes, it started in the kitchen because as we were raising our family we were looking for the best way to feed them. We began moving from a vegetarian to a plant-based diet as we became exposed to the harsh and environmentally harmful aspects of the dairy and egg industry. 

Our growing awareness of the various health, environmental and moral issues that are impacted by our food choices led us to make changes. The process was slow and left us missing certain foods. At that time there weren’t many products available that were vegan, healthy and didn’t require exorbitant preparation time. We also wanted simple, good products that we missed from our non-vegan days and didn’t want our kids, or ourselves, to feel deprived.

Our Story

Rethinking Food

I knew it was possible to make a great tasting plant-based yogurt, so I started researching and experimenting and was motivated to make my own. What I thought would be a two week process turned into almost 2 years, with tens of containers filling our refrigerator weekly and notebooks with names like A1, B1 and C3. Finally, using only three ingredients, we made a non-dairy yogurt with the taste and texture of well, yogurt.

During this period, (while we love tehina) we got tired of tehina sandwiches and desired something creamy and cheesy. We started exploring different possibilities with nuts and after a while not only did we have more variety for our sandwiches but had other delicious results to fill that cheese like yearning.

And Bikurim Was Born

We realized that other people were looking for the same things that we were and so Bikurim was born. We pride ourselves on producing great tasting almond milk yogurt, nut cheeses and butter that are made from pure nuts and only natural ingredients. Our products are completely dairy free, soy, gluten and sugar free. Our approach is the less ingredients the better. Our basic yogurt is made from only three ingredients: almonds, agave and probiotics. We know where our almonds are grown and have them brought to us directly from the Galilee by the third generation almond grower, who tends to each tree. Our products are made by hand in small batches with real ingredients and names that we can pronounce.

Our goal is to inspire people towards healthier living by providing a great tasting alternative to dairy yogurt and cheese made from simple and authentic plant based ingredients. We are a family centered, small batch, artisan business who delight in creativity, strive for excellence and want to share delicious, healthy food.

We Are What We Eat

We created Bikurim because we were looking for solutions, solutions to eating pure, basic great tasting food made with moral, environmentally friendly choices. The idea that we are what we eat, has come to mean different things. Nowadays the food choices we make reflect our world view, our philosophy and our values. One of the biggest statements we can make today is what we put on our plate.

We believe that if we are not part of the greater good, what is it all for? And to be part of the greater good you must start with yourself.

It gives us a lot of satisfaction when people enjoy our products. But although food is important, it is not enough. We see Bikurim as part of a larger vision of making an impact on social and environmental causes. It is our hope that as we add products and grow our client base you will feel our authenticity not only in our products but in the implementation of our social values as well.

Bikurim –inspiring each other to be the best we can.

Here’s to your health and to our shared goals of being part of the solution.

– Dafna and Family

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