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Where are our Pickup Points?


Currently we deliver to the following areas every other week. The Jerusalem neighborhoods of Beit Hakerem, Ein Kerem, and the German Colony. In Gush Etzion: Efrat and Rosh Tzurim. In Binyamin: Shilo, Eli, Beit El. In Maaleh Michmash orders may be picked up weekly. In each location there is a specific pick up address. Usually deliveries are made between Wednesday and Friday depending on location. All orders are due by the Friday before pickup. Upon checking out you will be requested to choose a pickup date in the relevant location. The possible pick up dates for that location will appear. You will receive full details (exact address, name and phone number) of the pickup location after payment and finalizing your order.  Prior to picking up your order contact the distribution person and confirm what time you will pick up (except in the German Colony).

Delivery schedules are subject to change especially around holidays.

You will be notified of updates or changes on the WhatsApp group. (link to join WhatsApp group)

We are happy to open additional distribution points in and around Jerusalem. If you are interested in arranging a group and receiving a discount as a distribution person, please contact us.

Gush Etzion

Pick up Days:
Thursday/Friday by arrangement with Maelle
Location: Zayit Shemen Efrat Tzafon, Zayit

Rosh Tzurim:
Pick up Days:
Thursday/Friday by arrangement with Khatiya
Location: Shoham St.


Beit Hakerem:
Pick up Day:
Wednesday (tentative at 10:15, or by arrangement. You will be notified of exact time a day or two before). Please note in Beit Hakerem you are meeting someone and the order is not being left there so you must be able to arrive at the meeting place at the specified time.
Location: 1 Avizohar  St.

Ein Kerem:
Pick up Days:
Wednesday/Thursday by arrangement with Yakir
Location: Shvil Hachoma

German Colony:
Pick up Days:
Location: Dor Dor ve-Dorshav St.



Pick up day:
usually Thursday by arrangement with Ncoom
Location: Shilo

Beit El:
Pick up day:
usually Thursday by arrangement with Rivka
Location: Beit El Aleph, Reisheet Neighborhood

Maaleh Michmash:
Pick up Days:
Wed.-Friday by arrangement with Dafna
Location: Sd. Yerushalayim


The pickup locations are in people’s homes (not including Beit Hakerem) and you are usually given two possible pick up times. Kindly respect their schedules and pick up at the time you commit to.

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