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1. We welcome you for visiting and/or purchasing at the online Bikurim – Vegan Nut and Dairy products website (hereinafter – the “Company”). Bikurim’s web address is (hereinafter – the “Website”). This is an e-commerce site that offers various vegan products (hereinafter: the “Products”) produced by Bikurim for sale.

2. The company and the website are operated and managed by Dafna Renbaum, 017204561 (exempt from VAT), whose address is 174/2 Jerusalem Blvd. Ma’ale Michmash (hereinafter: “the company”). The telephone number for contact, website information and/or to receive customer service is 054-5331920 on Sundays – Thursday, between 10:00 and 16:00. The customer service center will be closed on Shabbat, holidays, Fridays and holiday eves.

3. These regulations constitute a binding contract between the user and the company, for all intents and purposes. Therefore, browsing the website and/or performing actions on the website constitute the user’s consent to accept and act according to the regulations.

4. If the user does not agree to any of the terms of these regulations, he is requested not to make use of this website. It should be emphasized that anyone performing an action on the site, declares that he is aware of the site regulations, that he accepts them, and that he and/or anyone on his behalf will not have any claim against the company and/or anyone on its behalf, except claims related to the violation of The company’s obligations according to these regulations.

5. Any person over the age of 18, including a company (the “customer”), may use the website and make purchases  if among other things, he is qualified to perform legally binding actions and has a valid credit card issued by one of the credit card companies in Israel or a Bit / Paybox account).

6. The company and website management will do their best to present their products in the most complete and comprehensive manner, including photos. Notwithstanding, it should be made clear that there may be inaccuracies and/or errors and/or omissions on the website which were made in good faith and without malicious intent and/or out of a desire to mislead. Neither the site nor the site management will be held responsible for any inaccuracies and/or errors.

7. All photos on the website are original photos of the products and are shown for illustrative purposes only. In addition, there may be differences in appearance, color, size, etc. between the product, as it is presented on the website, and the product in reality.

8. Typographical errors in the description of product(s) will not obligate the company.

9. The date recorded on the company’s computers, for all intent and purposes, serves as the determining date for everything.

Registration and purchasing of products on the site

10. In order to place an order for products, the customer must register on the website using an online registration form. The website management may from time to time require additional identification information.

11. The company markets, among other things, freshly produced products to private customers. Therefore, as part of the purchase on the website, the customer will be allowed to order only a reasonable amount of any product. These quantities are subject to the sole discretion of the company.

12. With no connection to the above, the company has the sole discretion to prevent any person from using the site, temporarily or permanently and without giving notice of this in advance, in the following cases: 1. Committing an illegal act and/or violating the provisions of the law; 2. Violation of the terms of these regulations; 3. Deliberately providing incorrect information; 4. Performing an action that may damage the proper operation of the website and/or any of the suppliers and/or any third party; 5. The credit card in the customer’s possession has been blocked or restricted for use in some way.

13. Products advertised on the site can be purchased by adding them to the shopping cart. After this, the customer will be asked to enter his details in the online shopping form designed for the ordering process: first he must specify the pickup location and the day he commits to collecting his order, and next his personal information, ie- first name, last name, phone number and e-mail address.

14. Filling in all the details required for the purchase of the product by the customer and payment for the order will be considered as placing an order. After receiving the order and payment, a final confirmation will be sent (receipt/tax invoice). The order has only gone through when you receive an email confirmation from Bikurim after we have received and confirmed payment.

How to make payment for the order

15. Payment for the products can be made by credit card, Bit, Paybox or by bank transfer, or any similar service made available for use on the site, at the discretion of the site management.

16. The website management reserves the right to stop the use of any payment method on the website, to allow the use of additional payment methods or to apply different payment arrangements, or to change the types of credit cards or payment methods used to pay on the site at the companies’ discretion.

17. After the payment details have been entered in the online order form, the customer will be sent a confirmation via e-mail that the order details have been received. Let it be noted that this confirmation does not obligate the website management to deliver the ordered products and it only indicates that the order details have been received by the website management.

18. Immediately after placing the order, the website will check the payment method used by the customer, the customer will be notified that the order has been approved and his account will be charged for the cost of the products ordered.

19. Purchase of any product is conditional upon the presence of the item on the requested delivery date and/or at the time of the order. If it is not specified that the product is not in stock and the product has not been removed from the website before the order was placed, the website management will not be obligated to supply the product and will return to the customer any amount paid, if paid and/or cancel the charge yet to be made for the purchase of the said product.

20. It should be clear that there may be situations in which, although the item is shown on the website as being in stock, in practice it is missing and cannot be supplied, in these cases the transaction will be nullified and the customer will not have any claim in this regard, except for the refund of the full amount paid by the him.

21. If the customer is mistakenly charged by the credit company, the customer must notify the website management in order to receive a refund.

Delivery of the products to the pickup locations and their collection

22. The delivery of the product by the company will take place only after receipt of payment confirmation. The products will only be delivered to the address that the customer chose when placing the order in the online form. This address is the distribution site from which the customer undertakes to collect his order on the days/times specified on the website. There may be unexpected changes in these times and/or these times may change from time to time, the customer will informed of any changes.

23. The company is committed to deliver the goods by the pickup day listed in the order confirmation to the chosen pickup location.

24. If an unexpected situation occurs and the customer is unable to collect his order as promised, he must contact the distribution person and try to find an alternative time that is convenient for both parties. If this is not possible, the customer will forfeit his order and his money will not be refunded.

25. The company will not be responsible for any interruption or delay in delivery and/or non-delivery of the products caused by one of the following reasons: uncontrollable event, act of God, war, military operation, emergency operation and/or natural damage and/or events beyond the control of the company. Including general strikes and economic shutdowns of suppliers of services or goods needed to produce products or transport products, or any reason beyond the control of the company.

26. It is the responsibility of the customer to check that the contents of the order upon receipt match the invoice that was sent to him upon payment. In the event that an incompatibility is found, or in the case of any defect regarding the delivered products, the customer must notify the customer service center within 24 hours after the delivery date. The customer service center will coordinate with the customer the completion/replacement and return of the product(s) and/or the customer’s financial reimbursement/credit, as the case may be and as required by law.

27. If the item was received by the customer when it was damaged, or if the actual item differs from the specifications presented on the website, then the customer may cancel the transaction and receive a full reimbursement or credit.

28. The customer must immediately notify the company if the product was not delivered as detailed on the website.

Cancellation of purchase by the customer

29. The customer may cancel the transaction in accordance with the stipulations of the Consumer Protection Law and the regulations established pursuant thereto.

30. Without detracting from the aforementioned law, cancellation of the order and refund of the payment will only be possible up until the Friday before the orders are scheduled to be picked up. The cancellation will only be valid when sent by a written message to the email address: or a WhatsApp message to the number 0545331920. The cancellation will not be acknowledged as a cancellation unless the customer has received a return message specifically confirming the cancellation.

31. If the message is received after Friday, it will not be recognized as a cancellation and the customer will not receive a refund.

32. After receiving the cancellation notice, the amount paid by the customer for the product minus cancellation fees at the rate of 5% of the transaction will be returned to the customer. In the event of cancellation of a transaction due to a defect or discrepancy, the customer will not be charged any cancellation fees.

Cancellation of purchase by the company

33. The company shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, for any reason, and at any time, to cancel or terminate a transaction and/or sale and/or to cancel an order, in whole or in part, and/or the operation of the website, in whole or in part.

34. Notice of cancellation or termination of this kind will be given to the user or the customer, and the company will refrain from charging the customer’s credit card or any other means of payment or refund any amount paid for the products, at the amount that was paid.

35. Except for the refund of the transaction in full, the user or the customer will not have any claim, dispute and/or demand against the company and/or the supplier for the cancellation of the transaction as mentioned in this section.

36. If it is discovered that a product is out of stock, the site may cancel the order or offer an equivalent replacement item.

37. All products on the site are manufactured by the Bikurim Company or under the Bikurim brand.

General warranty and warranty for the products

38. The company (and/or anyone on its behalf) does not bear any responsibility, directly and/or indirectly, for damages resulting from and/or related in any way to the use of its products, and/or reliance on information published on the site or external websites, which can be reached through the website. Let it be clear that the company does and will do its best to cooperate with reliable and reputable suppliers only. In any case, the company will not be held responsible for any activity of any other party that is not under its full control.

39. The company does its best to deliver quality products on time. All products are sold with an expiration date written on the packaging. The company is not responsible for use of the products after the expiration date.

40. Returns are accepted only in cases where a defect was discovered in the production of the product.

41. As the products are made to order, the company cannot accept returns unless there is a manufacturing defect.

42. All the details of the products and their ingredients are displayed on the website. It is recommended to read the list of ingredients before purchasing.


43. The products on the site are not suitable for anyone allergic to nuts. All products may contain all types of nuts. While all products manufactured and distributed by the company are gluten-free, it should be noted that the Parmesan nut cheese is made with gluten-free brewer’s yeast (less than 20 ppm). Please note that all products are soy free but the vegan Butter is made with a soy-based lecithin. People with allergies should be aware of this and avoid eating the products if it poses a health problem or danger for them. We indicate this in the list of ingredients and are not responsible in any way for the results of their eating or use by people with allergies.

Confidentiality and Privacy

44. All the personal details of the customer (name, e-mail, etc.) will be kept in the privacy of the company’s databases. Bikurim will not transfer the personal details of the customer to any other party except to the distribution people when necessary and this only for the purpose of completing a transaction.

45. The company will not make any use of, or transfer, the details of the customer’s payment method except to complete payment for a transaction that the customer has requested. These details will not be transferred to any other party except for this purpose. To remove any doubt, the payment details are not stored in the company’s databases.

46. ​​Notwithstanding the above, the company shall be entitled to transfer the personal details of a user to a third party in cases where the customer has committed an act or omission that harms and/or may harm the company and/or any third parties, if the customer has used the company’s services to commit an illegal act, or if the company received a judicial order instructing it to hand over the customer’s details to a third party, as well as in any dispute or legal proceedings.

47. As this is an e-commerce site in an online environment, the company cannot guarantee absolute immunity against intrusion into its computers or disclosure of the stored information by perpetrators of illegal operations. If a third party manages to penetrate the information kept by the company and/or misuse it, the user will not have any claim, dispute or demand against the company.

48. The company will be entitled to use “cookies” in order to provide the user with a fast and efficient service and to prevent the customer from having to enter his personal information every time he enters the website.

Law and Judgment

49. The law applicable to these regulations and/or to any action and/or to a conflict arising from it, is Israeli law only.

50. In any case of dispute, the courts (magistrate or district) of Jerusalem will have the exclusive authority to discuss it.

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