Parmesan Nut Cheese – 90g


A deep, strong taste with a crumb-like flaky consistency and a hint of a crunch. It has a full-bodied, spicy taste reminiscent of parmesan. Great to shake or sprinkle onto anything you would put grated parmesan on and things you never even thought of.  Our parmesan nut cheese can be used as a spice or as great enhancer to steamed or roasted vegetables, corn on the cob, any grain, pasta or vegetable dish in lasagna or casseroles. Excellent to sprinkle on salads. I have even caught people eating it out of the container with a spoon.

Parmesan nuts lasts for about two months in the refrigerator. We have found that it freezes beautifully so we often make it ahead of time and freeze it. It can be used for two months from the date opened or until the date on the package, but over time will become slightly milder in taste. If it is still frozen when you receive it, you can put it in the freezer. Otherwise keep refrigerated.

Gluten-free! It should be noted that in the Parmesan Nut cheese we use gluten-free brewer’s yeast (less than 20 ppm).

Ingredients: Almonds, Brazil nuts, Pine nuts, brewer’s yeast (gluten free), garlic, salt, pepper

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Our Humanity – From Us to You


Our products are made from authentic ingredients that you can actually pronounce and probably have in your pantry, we don’t add chemicals or preservatives. We pride ourselves on being real people in a real kitchen making real food. We make the kind of products that we would like to eat while aiming for the most critical standards. Please be assured that we check everything coming out of our kitchen and if we wouldn’t be happy to get it, we don’t send it out.

With that said, different batches may have slight differences in the taste and texture. One week the yogurt might be firmer and other times less firm. The feta might not maintain a perfect form when coming out of its mold or the parmesan might be crunchier this time around. We not only accept the variances in our products but are proud of them. We see them not as flaws but as a celebration and appreciation of our humanity. We invite you to enjoy them.

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