Under Rabbinic Supervision

Our products are all under the Halachic supervision of Rav Shai Naveh. All the ingredients of our products have kosher certification. Rav Shai oversees the entire production process including utensils and ingredients. During and following the Shmita year, all of our ingredients are either from abroad or have a Heter Mechira.  Israeli law limits the use of the word Kosher or Hashgacha for anyone but the Chief Rabbinate and specific organizations. It is important for us to notify our customers of the Halachic status of our products therefore we write that they are under Halachic supervision to make it clear for those concerned. You may also note that there is a word crossed out on the stickers of our products, this is to ensure we are not transgressing Israeli law.

Rav Shai Naveh received smicha from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and is a Rav in the Tzohar organization.

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